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At yesterday’s event I drew these two on spot commissions.

I was so happy to be able to draw Kuroko no Basuke first thing in the morning. thank you commissioner-san ;w;/)

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dragonolong replied to your post: ratatoskr had birthday last Sunday and…

Hngh, I couldn’t eat them. ;__; omg precious and delicious.

We kind of convinced ourselfs that this is part of the Full Metal Alchemist Philosophy: “All is one, one is all”
They became part of us and shall live in us forever (´ ▽`).。o♡

(I am sure that’s not what it was about, but well….)

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ratatoskr had birthday last Sunday and chikin-chrisp got the idea to make a cake with a print (eatable) on it. (she also made the photo)

She asked me on short notice if I had time to draw a picture for it (I think she got the idea on short notice, too haha) and… I liked the idea so much I made some time ;w; (sorry, the picture is so rushed T_T )

It was such a nice birthday too, and that was the best chocolate tart I ever ate! (chikin has some serious talent going on there, I tell you)

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For fuwishi~ Happy birthday, April fool’s kid! ♥
The characters are Emil and Christian from her wonderful Doujinshi Omega ^^

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Anonymous asked: Please tell me your 5 OTP from free!, kurobas, and magi.

My 5 OTP, anon?
Ahh~ (does this include OT3-4, too?)

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Anonymous asked: wow, lancha san, are you not angry when someone post your art as a set and tag it with a pairing name. And the artist can report to abuse at tumblr if they want it to be removed.

I don’t feel particularily angry at this… I mean…. I stated here once that I don’t mind it if people repost my art on their blog as long as they include a source and don’t add any offensive meaning to it. (I should probably link to that in my profile)

(though I’d like it better if they reblogged my stuff, because of direct feedback)

They indirectly informed me about it, too., since they linked it in twitter (if they did that knowingly, I don’t know xD)

And tagging it as a ship, does not count as offensive to me, since I am a supporter of “ship whoever/whatever makes you happy” |D

(and in fact I kind of ship AoKi, too. I own a whole marine in kurobas when thinking of whom to ship. Sure there are some ships, where I don’t get it - but if the person shipping them is happy with it, why not leave them be?)

But it is still better to ASK people first before reposting. I know in fact that not every artist is seeing things like I do and feel disrespected - so if you are unsure: ASK!

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Source : @_lancha

[Please don’t remove the source!]

Ahhhh~ This is a set, yes. But I am not done with it yet.
(And thank you for sourcing <3)

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You know… I think there has never been a pairing that made me feel more that they belong together than these two.

I still love them to pieces and everytime I hear/see anything NezuShi, I get these feels…