I have drawn this guy many times :D and he is Lancha’s Hakurei


I just felt like drawing him again hahaha

Oh god! Look at him! ;W; Seeing art of my bby’s is always like christmas! (and I feel so happy, Yoda likes him so much omg )


I have been thinking a lot about these two… more to come…

(Dedicated to ratatoskr, since it’s all her fault.)

Every once in a while I get this huge urge to draw Nezumi and Shion.


Free! Eternal Summer starts airing today!! LET OUR SUMMER BEGIN-! 

Good job everyoneeee~ it was fun doing the countdown with you guys again this year!

Anonymous whispered: do you do tutorials for color palette ? If not , can you do one please please

I usually pick my colors as I feel ;_;” I really don’t feel like I can do a good tutorial on this. (and also: there is a whole lot of awesome tutorials about this: I say I chose them how I feel, but I did study these things a bit! A lot of my color choices are by experience though.)

But there is some small hints though, I can give.

I usually try not to pick colors all over the palette. it is helpful to stay in the same area of colors and use other colors to add accents. (let’s say you have a picture that is generally blue and teal colored and then you add red eyes: They are really eyecatching)

When shading, I don’t use the same color with a different brightness but use a slightly different hue. (For example you have a dark blue shirt, but the highlights on it are cyan «< this hints towards a warm “environmental light” (look it up, environmental light is important!)

if I want to have a very colorful picture, I try to use colors of similar saturations. (again you can add focus if you have just the one important thing very saturated or much less saturated)

I am really not good at explaining these things… again: there are artists who studied much more on this than I and already explained it easy to get.
and same as a lot of other things related to art and craft: practice is a very good teacher.


Until Free! Eternal Summer (*^▽^*)

us bocchigumi are doing the countdown again!

I really look forward to seeing all the chara again and hope to see more of Mikoshiba, too.

Yesterday while watching soccer I sketched the pose my dad had. It somehow reminded me of Ahomine so i decided to draw Aomine like that.